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The name is Carl Wright. Homesteading has always been a fascination for me. Part of this site is created as an outlet of sorts, where I can write about what I learn But this site isn’t just about me, in fact we have several passionate writers contributing all the time on topics from prepping to homesteading and more.

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The story of Natural Dwellers really is all about helping you live your best life in the end (and one that is good for the world!) So come stay a while and reap some of our harvest!

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We believe you can lead a sustainable life without sacrificing the modern day luxuries. It is easier than you might think

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Bees are hardy creatures. They can fly up to five miles from their hive to collect honey, they can communicate through a complicated language of pheromones, and their hives can survive even some of the harshest winters that nature can throw at them.

So, you have gotten the hang of beekeeping, and your bees have been industrious. It’s now time to reap the rewards and start getting at that lovely honey. A honey extractor will help you get every last drop out.

Most beekeepers like to get up close and observe their honey bees while tending to the hives. But without a sting proof bee suit, you’re taking a significant risk every time you crack open the hive.

Homesteading 101

Homesteading allows you to set yourself free. Live off the grid. It gives agency back to you and your dinner plate and just your lifestyle. But… it can feel complicated, overwhelming even. Here’s the thing though, it doesn’t have to be. It can be as simple as you want it, whether you’re growing vegetables in an apartment or have full on acres of farmland.


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