10 Best Hydroponic Nutrients & Fertilizers for Vegetables – 2020 Reviews

When it comes to hydroponics, plants are unable to properly absorb nutrients on their own. As a result, there is a need to help provide them with the necessary nutrients to grow and live. Deciding on which nutrients would be best for your hydroponics might be hard, considering the countless number of options there are out there. But fear not, because here are ten of the best hydroponic nutrients and fertilizers for vegetables. 

1. General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom Micro Combo Fertilizer Set

This is said to be one of the best picks! General Hydroponics has quite a reputation and has been in this business for many years. Within this set, there are three different bottles named Grow, Bloom, and Micro. It is advisable to give your plants a mix of all three bottles for the best results. The reason being different plants require different nutrients. This also applies to the varying stages of growth development the plant is at. This set is highly recommended for beginners as it helps to ensure that all your plants are well provided for without much work on your part. This set alone is sufficient, meaning that there is no need to look for other supplements. 

2. General Hydroponic MaxiGro for Gardening 

Being one of the top-rated supplements out there for hydroponics, General Hydroponics knows how to best provide your plants with the necessary nutrients. Their products come in the form of powder which is more economical as it does not contain water which would make the nutrients even heavier to carry. There are two options we recommend when using MaxiGro. Firstly, it would be their one-part MaxiGro. This can be used on your plants till they reach maturation. The second option would be to do their two-part nutrients to ensure maximized growth of your plants. Do not premix the two parts, instead, place them into your reservoir and stir. The MaxiGro package has many different types of nutrients that will help your plants grow in soil or hydroponic settings. 

3. General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Affordable and long-lasting is how we would describe this set. It is made to work well in the hydroponics environment. As such, it does not matter if you were to use it for soil-grown plants or plants without soil. There is a pH Test Indicator tube provided for you to test the pH level of your hydroponic garden. To do this take note of the color of the liquid within the vial after filling half the tube with nutrients and then adding on two to three drops of the Indicator. Additionally, there is an eight oz. bottle of pH Up provided in the set which can be used when you wish to set the pH level to a certain level. There is also another eight oz. bottle of pH Down which allows you to lower your pH levels through the use of food-grade phosphoric acid. To get the best results, replace the solution regularly. 

4. Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro and Grow

These nutrients are said to perform exceptionally well when it comes to stimulating plant growth. The package comes with three one-liter bottles of Micronutrients, Grow and Bloom. When used together, your garden will have rich and strong growing plants. The nutrients in this package have molecules that stimulate your plants to take in the optimum amount of nutrients. Therefore, you would not need to fuss over the pH levels. 

5. General Hydroponics FloraGro 

If you are looking to build strong roots and ensure that your plants have a good structure and vegetative growth, this is the solution for you. Packed with potassium, phosphorus, and other secondary minerals, your plants are sure to grow strong with FloraGro. One advantage of this package is that it allows you to adjust the mixture to suit what you need. Other than ensuring that you have strong plants, your hydroponic will also have better flavor, aroma, and nutrition. 

6. General hydroponics GH5100 General Organics Go Box

This set is great for growing plants in soil. The Organic Go Box is a super easy solution for you as everything you need is in that one solution alone. It contains premium biological plant supplements as well as the necessary nutrients that would help the plants grow stronger and quicken their maturation. They provide you with samples of bio weed, bio marine, diamond black, bio bud, and so on. It is encouraged to use this during the vegetative stages as it promotes the growth of strong roots. Therefore, everything that you need to grow a pot of plants is all within this one package! 

7. Tomato Hydroponic Nutrients

Targeted mainly at growing tomato plants, this package is packed with N, P, K, mg and Ca nutrients to help you have healthy tomatoes. There is also another six micronutrients to further enhance tomato growth. Choose this package for a hassle-free and easy mix solution. 

8.General Hydroponics MaxiBloom for Gardening

MaxiBloom is a water-soluble nutrient that is dry concentrated. For better results, it is highly encouraged to use it when a bigger variety of crops in all soil-based, soil, or hydroponic conditions. MaxiBloom promotes the growth of cuttings and seedlings. It also helps your plants to grow faster. Another advantage of this package is that it has already prepared the right amounts of nutrients that your plants require. 

9. General Hydroponics 718125 Flora Micro

This solution from General Hydroponics can be used for both soil-based or hydroponic environments. Its formula has been created to help enhance the growth of your plants while ensuring that you have the most yield. It has all the basic nutrients that your plants need such as, N, K, and Ca. 

10. Fox Fam FX14050 Big Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom Liquid Fertilizer Nutrient Trio Hydro Formula

If you are looking for something that is inexpensive, this 3-pack formula is the one for you. This set is great if you are trying to encourage the maturation of flowers and while getting the best results.  Here is how you should go about using it. Start with the Grow Big Hydro for luscious green growth. Afterwhich, follow up with Tiger Bloom the minute you notice that your plants have started to bloom. Lastly, use Big Bloom to help heal and encourage more nutrient intake of the plant during its growing stage. 

To determine which of these ten fertilizers would work best for you, you must understand the conditions of your garden as well as what your plants really need. Remember to look out for things such as the plant’s calcium or nitrogen intake. Do note that if you are growing a wide variety of plants, they have different requirements so be sure to provide them all with the right nutrients.


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