10 Best Solar Powered Grow Lights for Sale in 2020


If you’ve got a garden or a patio that you want to spruce up, instead of hefty garden furniture that you’ll probably not utilize much, why not add a few light sources that will definitely elevate the feel of the entire space. Compared to normal traditional lights, you can consider purchasing solar lights. They are extremely hassle-free to assemble, easy to use, and are so much more eco-friendly. They also come in a range of different models and designs for you to find something that your heart desires to complement your space. Without further ado, here are the top 10 solar garden lights that you need to illuminate your garden!

1. Solar Lights Bright Pathway Outdoor Garden

At approximately 16.5 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide, these decorative lights are compact and sleek, perfect to illuminate your walkways as they do not require much space. Their diamond design on the glass casing creates stunning snowflake-like patterns, giving your garden a touch of personality and elegance. They can stay lit for 8 to 12 hours with about 6 to 8 hours of sunlight and are perfect for homes that receive plenty of sunlight. Waterproof and weather-resistant, you need not worry about rain or snow! Though their 6500K LED bulbs are able to give you a good amount of light, the bulb will start to dim over time with wear and tear.

2. Solar Powered Ground LED Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

These decorative ground light fixtures will effectively light your garden, and their low t ground feature improves visualization and creates a pretty lighting effect on your grass or pavement. The light has 8 LED bulbs which promise a brighter and larger range of the light source, while the battery can power the light for up to 8 hours.  Made with top-notch aluminum alloy, these lights are extremely durable and waterproof, without compromising on its classy exterior. However, one downside is that its plastic spikes are fragile, and can be damaged easily if they are installed in hard ground.

3. Nekteck Solar Powered Garden Spotlight

These light sources are extremely versatile, allowing you to install them into the ground with their plastic spikes or have them attached to a wall with the screw included. They are also adjustable in terms of the bulb to allow you to adjust to the desired lighting effect, while also allowing you to tilt the solar panels to receive optimal sunlight. Though they are waterproof and heatproof, one disadvantage is that their light bulbs generate warm yellow light, and may not be the most powerful light source during dark, winter nights.

4. GIGALUMI Solar Lights Outdoor Garden LED Light

Extremely thin, compact, and made of premium stainless steel, these LED lights are perfect to light up walkways when you stick them into the ground, as they do not require much space at all. Not only are they waterproof and weather-resistant, but they also come with a 30-day replacement guarantee. However, one thing to note is that they do require intense sunlight to charge, and inadequate sunlight may result in the lights not being charged fully.

5. Voona Solar LED Outdoor Lights

Chic and elegant, their patterned glass casings cast gorgeous star-like shapes on the pavement to add a touch of elegance to your backyard. Their classy exterior also makes it an idyllic accent to illuminate your garden. However, do take note that their spikes are relatively fragile and may break easily if you are not careful.

6. OxyLED Solar Garden Lights

These whimsical lights come in different colors and a series of shapes — butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds, adding a fun element to your garden and are perfect for kids especially! They are durable and lightweight and can be placed at different depths into the ground. Though their performance may get choppy at times, they can last for about eight hours when charged fully.

7. Doingart Outdoor Solar Garden Stake Lights

Shaped as purple and white lilies, these beautiful light fixtures stand in as real bouquets and yet they require lesser maintenance. Their multicolored bulbs will take your garden up a notch, creating a fairytale-like atmosphere. They alternate between seven different colors and are made of top-notch fabric material. As their bulbs are on the dimmer side, they look exceptionally better during the night instead of the day.

8. Homeimpro Garden Solar Lights Pathway Outdoor

This piece of enchanting light decor will definitely make your garden like no other — it is shaped in a half-moon that contains an orb in the middle and changes in light according to the time of the day. Though it serves mainly as a decorative light fixture, its LED light has good brightness and high range. However, it does require a large amount of sunlight for it to charge effectively, which may be a problem for individuals living in gloomier regions.

9. GIGALUMI Solar Cracked Glass Ball Dual LED Garden Lights

These glass ball lights will definitely take your patios up a notch with its unique design. They feature a silver base with a glass sphere in it that can alternate between different LED colors. The ability to color change makes it perfect for you to set the mood for any occasion. As they are more functional as a decorative piece, their bulbs are not as bright as other garden lights.

10. GIGALUMI Solar Garden Lights Outdoor

These adorable yet classy lights can be placed anywhere in your garden, be it along the walkways or in your flowerbeds. They feature three colors of blue, purple, or yellow, giving you the opportunity to change up the LEDs to set different moods. Though they are extremely durable and weather-resistant, they may not be your perfect light source since their bulbs are pretty dim.


If you are not that keen to fully refurnish your garden but want to add a touch of character to your space, getting lights to fill the empty area is your holy-grail! With so many different types of lights that cater to every need, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Regardless of whether you want a chic and classy light source for your walkway or something fun for your kids to enjoy, there is definitely something out there just for you!


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