15 Best Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable Garden System Kits in 2020

Hydroponics is a system of growing plants without the use of soil, which also saves you the trouble of maintaining soil conditions and the fear of dirt. Hydroponics has revolutionized horticulture at home – it allows gardens to grow food inside, without any mess and fuss, all year round. In most hydroponics systems, the roots of the plants are submerged and suspended in a nutrient-rich and pH–balanced water which supplies the plant with the nutrients it needs for growth. 

In this article, we will be introducing the top 15 best indoor hydroponic kits currently in the market and summarizing their pros and cons so you don’t have to.

1. TopoLite Grow Tent Hydroponic Growing System

This kit is just the thing for home growers who want more space to grow and a system that can be easily moved from one place to another. The tents have a long lifespan and are very durable, making it a worth it investment. The grow tents are made from coal-based materials, mesh, and nylon which are excellent for airflow and make it easy for air to circulate around the plants. In addition, the kit comes with a fan which aids in the regulation of the internal temperature, making sure the plants do not dry up in the heat.

2. Back to the Roots Hydroponic Garden and Fish Tank

This has to be one of the coolest hydroponic systems featuring a fish tank growing under your garden. The fish tank is self-cleaning and fuss-free as it uses the fish waste as fertilizers for the plant, while in exchange, the plants clean up the water for the fish. This system comes with 3 pods to grow different plants, which are ideal for kitchen herbs such as basil and rosemary. Back to the Roots system is an excellent choice for families for children as it adds as a pet for the family. This system guarantees a hydroponics experience that will not fail to impress! This system comes with microgreen seeds which will be ready to sprout in a mere 10 days.

hydroponic farm with green mustard and growing vegetables

3. General Hydroponics WaterFarm Module

This WaterFarm module is perfect for beginners interested in a compact drip hydroponics system. The main unit has a square plastic bucket with a four-gallon capacity and a growing chamber with a two-gallon capacity inside. Each individual module can contain a single plant and a complete system includes the bucket, a drip pump, an air pump, and a growing medium with a water level indicator.

4. Hydrofarm Hydroponic Megagarden System

As the name implies, this is a mega system, which accommodates up to 16 different plants. It consists of a 7.5-gallon capacity reservoir with a water level indicator, a submersible pump, and an automatic timer for flood and drains irrigation. With this almost automatic system, it makes planting so easy to maintain and grow. This kit also includes instructions, seed starters, nutrients, pH test kit, and grow media.

5. AeroGarden Sprout LED System

This garden unit is perfect for kitchen top growing of your favorite herbs and plants. There are 3 main pods for this system with an easy to use control panel to control the settings of the system. In addition, this system comes with a herb seed kit which includes parsley, basil, and dill to help you get started with building your mini herb garden right from home. In just a week, you will start seeing sprouts from these seeds.

6. Mr. Stacky Indoor Vertical Hydroponics Tower

Unlike the others, this is a vertical option which saves space and perfect for smaller sized homes. Although it seems small, it has 6 tiers which means you can grow plenty of vegetables and herbs. This system also has an automatic watering mechanism so you can grow your plants fuss-free. This tower system includes a pressure regulating head, base reservoir, pipes, pump, timer, and rotating saucer.

7. PowerGrow Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

This system consists of 5-gallon buckets either in a set of 4 or a set of 8 which comes with pods for 4 or 8 full-size plants respectively. This system runs on a high tech system where you can grow 4 different plants at the same time with the growing sites powered by DWC hydroponic bubbler system. This bubbler system includes airlines, an air pump, air stones, and basket lids which are all backed up by a 1-year warranty. Upgrade your system to the set of 8 to accommodate more plants for a bigger garden.

8. Miracle–Gro Aerogarden ULTRA

This system is a highly popular choice for hydroponics enthusiasts as it is a quick way to set up an indoor garden with so much convenience. It includes gourmet herb seeds, 3 grow lights and an LCD display control panel. It ensures the fast growth of plants, and plants grown using the Miracle-Gro system may grow up to 5 times faster than traditional plants that are grown in soil.

9. AeroGarden Farm Plus Hydroponic Garden

This system combines both aeroponics and hydroponic systems into one garden. It is a very high-tech system that allows you to control its settings using the digital control panel or even from your smartphone by just downloading an app. This lets you track the growth process of the plant from the start to end. 

10.Aeroflo 30 Hydroponic System

This is one of the largest hydroponic systems with 30 available pods for gardening with a 17-gallon reservoir. Although it has a higher price tag than other systems, it is worth the investment if you are planning on doing a large scale hydroponic growing system. This system is best for growing basil or lettuce-type smaller plants that are 3 or 4 feet tall.

11. Cloudponics GroBox Hydroponic System

Cloudponics is one of the more luxurious systems which consists of a faux wood finish with settings that can be easily controlled on your smartphone. This system will manage the growth process of the plant and will also notify you when some conditions require attention such as the water levels, lighting, and pH level.

12. General Hydroponics 706705 Rainforest 66 Aeroponic System

This hydroponics system targets medium to large-sized plants and can accommodate up to 6 plants. A larger system is also available which can take up to 18. This system is a DIY kit that includes all the necessary parts such as sprayer, inserts, CocoTek liners, and nutrient kits. Overall, this system is a good system to grow large plants and it is not difficult to build or maintain.

13. Powergrow DWC Hydroponic Bubbler & Bucket Kit

This system features large five-gallon buckets for the deepwater system. It consists of eight of such buckets, where each is capable of growing a full-plant to maturity. The main feature of this system is its air stones which allow the oxygenation of water by an industrial air pump.

14. Cloneking Aeroponic Cloning Machine

This system is different from the others because it is capable of housing up to 36 different plant cuttings. It uses 13 different spray heads to provide water and nutrients in the form of mist to the plant roots. This system requires very little setup and assembly and is an easy-to-grow and use option for both beginners and experts.

15. HTG Supply Bubble Brothers DWC Hydroponic System

This system is slightly smaller with smaller buckets of 3.5-gallon capacity connected to an air pump. These buckets contain 6 growing sites and also feature the air stones for perfect oxygenation of the water to achieve maximum plant growth.

There are many ready-made hydroponics systems you can choose from, and each caters to different interests and needs. When choosing a hydroponics system, get one that best fits your home and your interests. We hope this information has given you enough knowledge on choosing the most suitable system for your home.


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