7 Best Plants for Indoor Hydroponic Garden Systems

Hydroponics is a great way to grow plants. Many plants can be grown using a hydroponic garden system and this is great for people with less space. This is because hydroponic systems require a far smaller space than normal gardens. But while most plants can be grown with hydroponics, not every single plant type will thrive completely with hydroponics. Indoor hydroponic systems are also slightly different from outdoor systems and hence, there are specific plants that one should choose when growing plants with an indoor hydroponic garden system. 

The following plants are plants that would thrive the best in an indoor hydroponic garden system. Growing these plants will require little alteration to your indoor settings and will thus, work best for an easy indoor hydroponic garden system set up. Here are 7 of the best hydroponics plants.

1. Lettuce

Lettuce is a common and easy vegetable to grow in a hydroponics garden system. This vegetable requires a mildly acidic or neutral water source and must be grown in cool conditions. As long as those basic requirements are fulfilled, this plant type will grow easily and quickly in your set up. Furthermore, lettuce can be grown in any type of hydroponics system. This is a great plant to try out if you are just starting out. They also make an easy addition to any type of salad and is definitely a great plant to have around your home. 

2. Radishes

Radishes are another great and easy vegetable to grow within your hydroponics garden system. These plants grow easily and it’s best to germinate them as seeds first. The germination process is easy and quick and can occur anywhere between three to seven days. They are also extremely suitable for an indoor hydroponics rig as they require little to no light. Like lettuce, these plants thrive in cool conditions with slightly acidic to neutral water sources. Therefore, you will not have to spend time and money rigging up extra lights for this plant. They are also an excellent addition to dishes as they can add an extra pop of flavor. 

3. Kale 

Kale is one of the most commonly hydroponically grown vegetables in the world. This is because they thrive extremely well when placed within a water system. This vegetable is different from the above few as it prefers a more acidic water source, say, a pH level of 5.5 to 6.5. They grow well in cool conditions but can also thrive in warm conditions. If you live in a slightly warmer climate, this vegetable works well for your hydroponic system. Apart from that, Kale is an extremely nutritious and delicious vegetable. At the grocery store, these vegetables are usually costlier. Therefore, growing them in your indoor hydroponics garden system would be a great idea.   

4. Spinaches 

This is another great plant to grow with your indoor hydroponics garden system. Like lettuce and radishes, this plant grows well in a mildly acidic to neutral water source. However, it is more similar to Kale, as it thrives in cool to warm conditions. Therefore, this is again, a great choice for you if you live in a warmer climate. It also does not require much light and will grow well as long as you provide it with all its needs. This plant is extremely versatile and great for growing and using in your cooking. This is because they firstly, can be added to your cooking or be eaten raw as a salad. This is also a plant that can be continuously harvested if you don’t collect all its leaves at once. Instead, you can cut or pluck off the necessary leaves and leave the rest for growing. If treated well, you would be able to harvest leaves for up to twelve weeks. Therefore, spinach is an extremely good choice for your indoor hydroponics garden system. 

5. Mint 

Mints are a great plant to grow using hydroponics. They favor a warm temperature and require a more acidic water source like Kale. They are actually very suitable for hydroponics as their roots are able to grow and spread quickly. Like spinach, you wouldn’t harvest all the leaves at once. Instead, you’d regularly pluck them for use. This makes them a plant that can last long. They are also extremely useful in your household as they can be used to flavor both food and drinks. If you’re craving a nice mojito, all you’d have to do is head down to your garden and pluck a few leaves. 

6. Beans 

Beans are another excellent choice for hydroponics. In fact, these vegetables are one of the best choices as they are extremely fruitful and low-maintenance. Any bean type works and this means that you can grow a huge variety of beans for your family’s cooking. For example, you could grow green beans, pole beans, pinto beans, or even lima beans. Like mints, beans grow the best in warm conditions. Therefore, if you are living in a colder climate, you might need to provide some warmth to grow beans with your hydroponics garden system. You will also need a slightly acidic water source with a pH level of around six. Furthermore, certain bean types, such as pole beans, would need a trellis structure to provide support in their growth. Apart from that, beans are super easy to grow as they take around three to eight days to germinate. After another six or eight weeks, these beans will be ready for harvesting! 

7. Strawberry 

It is best to grow strawberries with a hydroponics system as they thrive better and face less exposure to pests. However, strawberry growing is still trickier than most other plants and should only be attempted if you have had some experience with hydroponics first. Like beans, strawberries grow best in warm conditions with a water pH level of six. However, they are slightly trickier as you’d have to germinate seeds into runners first. For the plant to bear fruit, you’d then have to pollinate the flowers yourself. This can be easily done by gently brushing your hand across the flowers. However, it is still far more complicated than the other plants that I’ve mentioned. However, strawberries are well worth the trouble as they can serve as a delicious snack. It would also be far cheaper for your family to grow strawberries than to purchase them at your local grocery store. 


In conclusion, starting up your indoor hydroponics Garden System is pretty easy and simple. The plants I’ve suggested are also the easiest and best plants to try out with an indoor system. Happy growing!


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