9 Best Small Mini Hydroponics System Kits for Indoor Gardens


While hydroponics is highly associated with large-scale commercial farming, it is increasingly evolving into horticulture at home. Without the need for soil that could potentially stain your carpets and create a mess, hydroponics is incredibly popular for green fingers who do not have the luxury of a garden or backyard at their disposal. With the myriad of crops that are able to thrive in hydroponics systems as well as the host of advantages that hydroponics provide, here is a list of some of the best indoor hydroponic kits that you can take home today to fulfill your crippling desire to farm in the comfort of your own home.

1. Akarina 01 Starter Pack

This easy-to-set-up starter pack makes it extremely simple even for amateurs to assemble. With three removable culture trays to make watering and seeding hassle-free and an LED light that is equipped with a timer and a dimmer function, you do not need to be well-versed in gardening techniques to allow your plants to thrive in your very own little garden. Its white exterior makes for a classy accent piece in your house as decoration, though the discoloration from the algae is relatively more noticeable than pots of other colors. As such, it is advisable to change your water and clean the exterior of your pot often.

2. Seed Pantry Grow Pod 2

A compact and lightweight hydroponics kit, it is designed to comfortably sit on your windowsill or a desk for your plants to absorb maximum sunlight. An LED light that has an integrated timer, a smart controller, and an indicator to let you know when your plants are due for water are also included in the package, so you no longer have to worry about neglecting your green babies when you are busy. The kit also comes with three seed packs of cherry tomatoes, Italian basil, and fire chili that you can experiment with. However, one drawback is that the growing medium is only sufficient for one cycle, and you will have to purchase your own when your medium runs out.

3. Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Harvest

This high-tech hydroponics kit has an in-built LED system with a timer function and a control panel that notifies you when to add water and nutrients, yet it is still highly affordable and comes in as one of the hot favorites. With six pods of gourmet herb seeds that you can choose from, you will definitely be spoilt for choice! The LED light is adjustable which makes it handy when your plants grow taller and require more room to grow, while the pre-sewn plugs offer the ultimate convenience to be plugged straight into the unit.

4. Ikea Krydda/Vaxer Grow Kit

The Ikea grow kit has been one of the popular choices amongst new green-fingers since it is extremely easy to assemble and it comes with growing medium and nutrients that are sufficient for multiple cycles. There is also the red/blue LED light equipped in the kit that allows you to grow your plants all year round, though the lack of an integrated timer would mean taking extra care of your seedlings and manually reminding yourself when to water them. Reviews have also proven that the seeds grow well in the kit, but it is best to spread your seeds out to prevent overcrowding.

5. Alicja Patanowska Plantation Hydroponic Plant Grower

Slightly different from the rest, the kit includes four unique and well-designed ceramic pots that serve as perfect homes for your new seedlings, yet also add a touch of elegance to your house.  Some of the pots can also be turned upside down to act as a mini-greenhouse for your new additions, expediting the germination process. As this kit does not come with seeds, you are free to experiment with whichever flower or vegetable that you would like to grow. The kit also comes with a detailed manual recommending the different types of crops to grow in the respective pots that are great for amateurs.

6. Hydromerce Grow Tub

With lettuce seeds, a pH adjuster, and a packet of nutrients, this starter kit has everything that you need to cultivate your own mini indoor garden. As one of the cheapest and easiest to assemble online, this is perfect for novices who would like to try this as a hobby and would prefer something idiot-proof. However, one downside is that it does not come with a lamp, and if your area of residence suffers from a lack of sunlight from time to time, it is best to get an additional source of light for your seedlings. Hydromerece also recommends wrapping aluminum foil around the box to prevent algae growth and to keep your nutrients in a dark space.

7. Botamium

Botamium is a smart plant pot that automatically activates the water supply when needed, negating the risk of over or underwatering the plants at your own discretion. The water tank is able to last for several weeks, and it also features a mini window for you to take note of the water level and top up when necessary. With their porous growing medium as well as an aerated environment that homes the roots, your plants will grow faster and with better control in this kit compared to the others. Though on the pricier side, it is definitely a bang for your buck.

8. Heavy Cultivation Box

A handy compact and lightweight cultivation box, this kit can nestle comfortably on your window sill or stuck to a glass with the suction cups provided. It can sit up to six plants per cycle, allowing you to experiment with a variety of crops that you wish. Once they are filled, the box does not require any refiling for about three weeks, which is a lot longer than other kits. Not only is it great for small-scale gardening, but its white modern exterior creates a chic aesthetic for your home as well.

9. Growgreen Hydroponic Tube

This tube-shaped hydroponic system has room for six plants to be grown simultaneously, giving you the variety to balance out your vegetables or flowers in an orderly and aesthetic manner. However, because it only comes with the equipment, you have to fork out the extra coins to purchase your own seeds and materials. What it does come with is an external pump with a USB port attached to it, helping you to save water and prevent algae accumulation by helping to circulate the water evenly. Place this kit beside a window or purchase an additional LED light source if needed.


If you are thinking of trying your hand at hydroponics farming but are far too lazy to assemble one from scratch, these kits are perfect for you. With so many options that cater to every type of gardener, there is definitely one that is made just for you. So hurry get your hands on one of these starter kits and you might just realize that you were born for gardening!


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