9 Ways to Increase the Sales of your Farm Products

If you own your own livestock, it’s most likely that you’re looking to sell your products and make a profit from it. But spending a lot of time taking care and raising your livestock can pull you away from focusing on how to sell your products. Sometimes, you may find some difficulty establishing effective marketing strategies, especially if you’re new to the whole business of selling your own products. In fact, the marketing aspect of a poultry business is one of the most important steps as it might greatly influence the profits that you make. Having the marketing side of the business well taken care of allows you to then focus on other aspects like increasing production yield, etc. Here, we will discuss 10 ways that you can consider adopting to increase the sales of your farm products. 

Sell Directly to the Consumer or Retailers

Middlemen can be helpful if you are unsure how to reach out to consumers and retailers directly. However, middlemen can also take a large commission from your sales, leaving you with fewer profits than you could potentially get by reaching out to consumers and retailers directly. We recommend reaching out to both middlemen and retailers. On one hand, middlemen can help expand your reach through the connections that they have, but reaching out to retailers directly will also make sure you get your goods out fast. Additionally, reaching out to consumers directly can be done by setting up your own store where they can walk in and pick what they want. We recommend sticking to bulk selling and not per piece to expand profits. 

Use the Internet to Market your Business

The Internet is a powerful tool that should be used to your advantage. Many farmers are unaware of the benefits that the Internet can bring you. The Internet is a good place to market your products, with over 3.4 billion users online. The number of farms on the Internet is gradually increasing as more farmers recognize that they have to get their products online to maximize profits. Apart from having your own website, you can consider expanding to social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, depending on the demographics of your consumers. In order to increase response to a post, you can come up with creative captions coupled with a nice picture of your products. Trust us, people love looking at pretty things and your products are not an exception. Make sure to include your store address or other addresses where your products are being sold. 

Supply Restaurants, Grocery, and Hotels

Restaurants, grocery stores, and hotels are large consumers of poultry. To maximize profits, supplying these three places is a great way to secure your consumer base. In order to not lose out to the other farmers who are competing with you, you will need to craft an enticing proposal with incentives they just can’t say no to. Having a proposal that stands out from the others makes it hard for the establishments to reject. I mean, who would hesitate to accept a great offer from a farm with a good reputation? 

Recruit Marketing Personnel

Marketing is such a crucial aspect of reaching sales goals. If you find yourself struggling to keep up with modern-day marketing tactics on the Internet, you might want to consider recruiting personnel specifically focusing on marketing your products. This concept might sound crazy but trust us, it is worth it if done right. Marketing personnel is essential as they make sure that you get your products out there. They have the knowledge that you might lack. You can choose to pay them on a commission basis, depending on how much they help you sell. Alternatively, you can employ them on a monthly wage basis. 

Feed your Animals Well

Your animals have to be of high quality before they can catch a high price. This can only happen if you feed your animals sufficiently. If they lack the necessary nutrients, they will not be able to produce the desired product yield and thus your profits will also fall. Undeniably, consumers are very particular about the standard of their foods and would want to consume only the best. It is, therefore, your responsibility to keep up your standards to meet the demand. 

Slaughter and Process your Products

Butchering your own products isn’t difficult. While self-butchering is not for the faint-hearted, it is essential for self-sufficiency. For chickens, you can easily rent the right equipment for approximately $27 including a plucking machine. For storage options, it is recommended that chickens are kept in pressure cans. You will need to make sure that all the processes are done in a hygienic environment with high standards of sanitation. If you’re looking to package your product and send it out for sale, make sure that your packaging is aesthetically pleasing. A good looking packaged chicken is popular among consumers. For other products that are much larger in size, having the right tools can help you with self-butchering. 

Advertise your Farm and Products

Advertising your products is absolutely necessary. If you have hired marketing personnel, they might be able to help you in this area. By advertising on social media or in any means, you can expand your audience and customer base, building brand awareness. With a growing customer base, you can also expect to see greater revenue. 

Conduct Market Research

While this might take additional time to complete, market research is a good way to help you keep track of the taste and preferences of your consumer base. This information can be beneficial in identifying areas that need improvement. There are many market research already available online but conducting your own research can make the data more specific. Of course, this step is not entirely necessary. 

Product Packaging and Incentives

Having additional incentives for your customers is a good way to draw them in. Everybody loves sales and surprises and the same for poultry. Similarly, you can also aim to produce nicer packaging designs to attract more customers. No one likes buying a product that looks sketchy. 

There you have it, 9 ways that can help you sell your farm products. While you don’t have to complete all the steps, it is good if you can adopt at least the majority of them.


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