Advanced Nutrients vs General Hydroponics: Battle of the Brands

Heard of Advanced Nutrients and General Hydroponics? Both are very well known brands in the hydroponics nutrient industry. If you are confused about which brand to choose, let us help you out. However, you must note that the best way to decide on which brand is better is ultimately dependent on what your plant needs. 

General Hydroponics

Let us first look at General Hydroponics. They have a series titled the General Hydroponics Fertilizer Nutrients Flora Series. This series is very well known in North America and was one of the first few commercial formulas made to help hydroponic growers. It is suitable for use in all systems, regardless of whether you are using an “ebb and flow” system, or an NFT system, the use of liquid fertilizer will help you make sure that your plants get all the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy.

The Flora Series does really well because of its composition. It is able to provide your plants with all the basic necessary nutrients to help promote growth and strong roots. They also have solutions that further enhance your blooming stages and final stages to ensure that you have good quality crops for harvest. You can also customize and adjust how much of the different solutions you would like to have in your nutrient solution without the fear of ruining the pH level. This is because General Hydroponics have made their solutions to be pH balanced and therefore if you were to mix them together at different amounts, you would not disrupt the pH level and concentration of nutrients. 

General Hydroponics Products

Let us introduce to you some of the solutions that they have for you to choose from:


This usually acts as the basis of the Flora Series and is tasked with the most important aspect. Being one of the three solutions in this package, it is used to help aid the plants during the stage where they are the most fragile. This stage is usually during germination. FloraGro is used to develop root growth by putting more energy into the development of the roots to make sure that the roots become strong enough. It is important that plants are able to develop strong roots from an early stage. This is especially so for plants growing in a hydroponic environment as root rot is one of the biggest reasons behind the failure of hydroponic plants. Sadly, you cannot detect the rot early. FloraGro is also pH balanced meaning that you do not need to worry about your plants being over or underfed. 


This one here is highly specialized to help get improve the metabolism of your plants. This helps to sweeten your plants as well. This is great as you do not need to use any plant hormones but instead use the formula that General Hydroponics has made. This formula is done by combining strong and absorbable plant sugars together which increases the sweetness of your crops. The aroma is also affected in a positive way too. FloraNectar has molasses and other special minerals that help the plant to take in more nutrients. It also helps to ensure that the nutrients level in your reservoir is balanced. 


When you have your own hydroponic system, a problem that you would face would be that some fertilizer would end up collecting and therefore disrupting the pH level of your solution. Too much salt in the nutrient solution is not beneficial to your plants, instead it does the opposite. It could result in your plants becoming dehydrated. This is where FloraKleen comes in. It is made with the purpose of helping to dissolve build-up salts within your hydroponic system. Once it dissolves, FloraKleen creates a bond between the stray nutrients and the crops, hence not wasting the resources. 

Advanced Nutrients

Next, let’s take a look at Advanced Nutrients. This brand has products that are also tailored to help your plants grow well in hydroponics environments. Advanced Nutrients are also able to provide you with the option of choosing an organic fertilizer for your plants. They have a wide range as well from fertilizers to additives and even boosters to help make sure that you end up with a great harvest. 

Let’s take a look at a few of their products:

Organic Base Nutrients

As mentioned earlier, unlike General Hydroponics, Advanced Nutrients gives you the organic option. One of their options is called the Iguana Juice Organic. It is a one-part base solution that is made up of yeast extract and fresh water liquid fish hydrolysate. It is very rich in both macro and micronutrients, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that are needed to help promote healthy growth in your crops. 

Nutrients for Bigger Yield

If you are looking to reap a bigger harvest, try out Bud Ignitor or Overdrive. These are two of the many different solutions readily available to you to aid in the growth of bigger flowers and higher yield. The Bud Ignitor has a very high concentration formula that helps plants to make more flowers within the same stem. 

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra

In the event you notice that your plant is lacking something, use this formula. It acts as a first aid kit to your plants. The Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra contains (as its name suggests) calcium and magnesium as well as chelated iron, boron, cobalt, zinc, manganese, and vitamins made from kelp extract. These are all here to help promote your crops back to health. 

It seems that both brands are capable of providing you with the necessary nutrients needed to help your plants grow. They are also both able to help strengthen your plant, increase yield, and fix the different problems that you might face while having a hydroponics system. However, in our opinion, General Hydroponics would be a better option. This is because all of its different formulas have been made in a way that when put together they still work perfectly. There is no need to stress about the pH level or wonder if you could have made a mistake somewhere. Ultimately, it is your decision based on what you think your plants need the most in order to grow well!


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