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Bees are hardy creatures. They can fly up to five miles from their hive to collect honey and communicate through pheromones.

So, you have gotten the hang of beekeeping, and your bees have been industrious. It’s now time to reap the rewards and start getting at that lovely honey.

Most beekeepers like to get up close and observe their honey bees while tending to the hives. But without a sting-proof bee suit, it’s risky.

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Ways to Make a Profit out of Honey and Beeswax

Introduction For those who harvest homemade honey and beeswax, other than sharing and giving it away to family and friends, why not make a profit out of it and sell it to people who are willing to pay for it? When you sell products obtained

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Tips For Fixing Common Bee Problems

Introduction If you’ve landed yourself in this article, it probably means that you are new to the beekeeping venture or are simply interested in it. And if you’re serious about trying beekeeping, you should be aware of the various pests and diseases that can afflict your bees.

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Building a DIY bee house for your garden

Introduction While many may know of honeybees as pollinators, do you know that the world’s best pollinators are actually solitary bees? With the decline in the honeybee population, solitary bees are the next best alternative if you are looking for pollinators in your garden. To

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Bees and Animals Together Safely

Introduction Adding bees to your home may sound dangerous, especially if you already have other animals. Will your beloved puppy be able to welcome your newly-added bees that are capable of the painful and dreaded bee sting? Fortunately, your animals and your bees will be

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A Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide to Beekeeping

Introduction To start off, congratulations on deciding to become a beekeeper! From building and maintaining your first hive to collecting your first jar of honey, it’ll be an amazing experience from start to end. All in all, it’s a great decision that will benefit the

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8 Unifloral Kinds of Honey You Should Know About

Introduction Long before sugar or artificial sweeteners were used, the people that came before us used honey. That’s not surprising at all, considering the taste, texture and the availability of honey as a natural resource. Even today, people flock to use honey for a variety

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I Want a New Swarm. What Should I Do?

Introduction One of the most exhilarating parts of beekeeping is catching a swarm. Few things compare to the thrill, and then the satisfaction, of catching a swarm of bees for the season. Of course, as with all big expectations, it can sometimes be disappointing or

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3 Reasons Why Beekeeping is Great For Kids

Introduction When you think of beekeeping, this particular image might come to mind — an elderly man living away from the city, clad in a beekeeping suit, tending to his hive and collecting honey once every summer. Admittedly, that might be a common sight, but beekeeping

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4 Simple Ways to Help the Honeybees

Introduction Not many of us realize it, but honeybees are actually essential to our ecosystems and food. After all, without their help with cross-pollination, we won’t have the fruits, nuts, seeds or any of the vegetables that we enjoy today.   Protect the Bees! Yet, these

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The Various Common Types of Beehives

Introduction For many new beekeepers just starting out, it may be incredibly daunting to have so many decisions to make regarding the correct equipment, tools, clothing, and even the species of bees to house. One of the most significant decisions they will have to make

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Reasons Why you need to pay for Live Bee Removals

Introduction Although some beekeepers will happily take out a colony of bees free of charge, there are many who still expect payment for live bee removals. This begets the question of why there are such contradictory ideas on whether or not beekeepers should charge for

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Why Bees are so Important to Us

Introduction Bees may seem like regular insects, but underneath their innocent appearance, they are so much more. They play important roles in ensuring that our environment stays healthy, and they keep our economy healthy too. Bees are fascinating and beautiful insects, and you can read

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All You Need to Know About Bee Sting Allergies

Introduction Bee stings can be an extremely traumatizing experience, especially if you have never gotten a bee sting before. However, a major concern for most when they realize that they have gotten stung is whether or not they will develop an allergic reaction from their

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Beekeeper’s Guide to Entrances

Introduction For all the beekeepers out there, upper entrances are a popular favorite, and they even make for an effective method to destroy your colony. However, they may not be the best solution as natural elements like the wind and rainfall in your area will

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Things You Have To Know About Bee Venom

Many have said that bee venom is useful in treating illnesses and lessening inflammation given its diverse range of medicinal properties. However, these theories are lacking scientific proof and coherent reasoning and evidence. Despite so, there is still a myriad of key information about bee

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Top 10 Benefits of Honey

Since centuries ago, honey has been consumed and used as food and medicine. It is rich in plant compounds that are beneficial to one’s health. Honey is especially healthy, in contrast to refined sugar, since it does not contain calories. Why Honey is so good

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Are Honeycombs Safe to Consume? Why and How?

Consuming honey is nothing new and actually brings about numerous health benefits such as strengthening your heart and liver. Eating honey from the comb, on the other hand, might have some dangers. If you’re curious to find out if you can eat honeycombs, here are

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Bee Pollen: 11 Health Benefits

Bee pollen consists of flower pollen, nectar, honey, enzymes, bee secretions, and wax. Honey bees comb through plants for pollen and bring it to their beehives, for storage and food for their colony. However, bee pollen is different from honey, honeycomb or royal jelly as

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How to Treat Bee Stings at Home?

What happens after a bee sting? For the general population, bee stings are just an inconvenience. You might encounter a brief sharp pain, redness, swelling, itching, and warmth at the sting spot, but there are no severe aftereffects. However, if you have an allergy to

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Bees Types: Apis and Honeybee Varieties

Introduction to Bee Varieties Bees are well-known for their role in the pollination of crops, and the production of food and medical products, such as beeswax, honey bee venom, and royal jelly. Most people are aware of the queen bees and worker bees’ roles, but

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13 Interesting Bee Facts to Know

Why are Bees So Interesting? Bees are well known for their role in pollination, as well as in providing high-quality food such as honey, royal jelly, and pollen, or other medical products that are beneficial to the human body. This includes honey bee venom, propolis,

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Facts About Bees for Kids

A common sight in your everyday life, bees are flying insects that are closely related to wasps and ants, and are well-known for their pollination capabilities; but you probably know them best as producers of honey and beeswax. The following are some knowledge about bees

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how much do beekeepers earn

How Much is a Beekeeper Salary? Is Beekeeping Even Profitable?

Introduction Whether you enjoy honey or have simply observed that it’s an expensive delicacy, becoming a beekeeper is one way to harvest honey that doesn’t involve a trip to the supermarket. But there are questions about whether keeping bees is time consuming, worth the time and money,

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urban beekeeping guide for people just starting out

Urban Backyard Beekeeping and Indoor Hives for Beginners

Urban beekeeping sounds… counter-intuitive compared to becoming a beekeeper on a homestead. And yet, what we consider to be concrete flowerless jungles often make one of the best spots for our flying friends. Urban or backyard beekeeping is a growing trend in cities across Europe

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why do bees make honey

Why Do Bees Make Honey?

We all know why we want bees to make honey. It tastes delicious and can be very healthy for us. It is a natural foodstuff that has been used by man since ancient times. But why do bees make honey and do bees eat their

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how to harvest honey

How to Harvest Honey

Harvesting your honey is one of the most exciting parts of being a beekeeper. It is a little daunting the first time, but once you understand how to harvest honey correctly and have done it a few times, it is simple.   The main thing to

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raw honey vs honey what's the difference

Raw Honey Vs. Honey – What’s the Difference?

Over the last few years, there has been a move towards eating whole foods. Whole foods are those that are still close to their natural state, foods that have either not been processed, or minimally processed. Honey is one of the foods that have come

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how to start a bee farm or apiary

How to Become a Beekeeper and Start a Bee Farm

Starting beekeeping can be a meditative, fun and even lucrative hobby for your homestead. If you’re looking to get deep into running a full-fledged homestead, consider adding beekeeping as one of your food and revenue sources. Starting a bee farm takes a little bit of

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does honey go bad

How Long Does Honey Last?

Beekeeping is a simple and rewarding project for the would-be homesteader. A hive doesn’t take up a lot of space and requires very little maintenance. And, considering that your average hive produces around 33 pounds of honey per year, you will have plenty of honey

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best beehive smokers

5 Best Beekeeping Hive Smokers in 2020

Whether you are a new or veteran beekeeper, you’re not alone in our modern world. From hobbyists to environmental to commercial beekeeping, beekeepers with more than five colonies in the United States produced 161.9 million pounds of honey in 2016 alone. And among all those

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how to winter bees

15 Best Beekeeping Tips for Wintering Bees

Bees, it might surprise you to know, can adapt well to living in a cold climate. How they do, it is quite fascinating. They start by gathering together in a huddle, with the younger bees at the center of the huddle. The “inner circle” is

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best bee hive stand

5 Beehive Stands Worth the Money

Introduction There is a reason why bees choose to make their hives in trees, and it’s not for humans to find them more easily. Honey bees often select trees for their hives because of the relative safety of being up high rather than on the ground. So

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Honey Bees for Sale – Where to Buy Package Bees Online

Introduction The commercial value of honey bees as pollinators hovers around $15 billion annually. Fortunately, bees are available for sale rather inexpensively, considering their potential value both regarding pollination and honey production. If you’re looking for package bees online, there’s a lot you need to

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