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All You Need to Know About Raising Chickens

Introduction As we progress towards a more eco-conscious way of living, it’s no surprise that many are starting to turn to more sustainable ways of living. One of those includes raising chickens for a steady supply of farm-to-table eggs. Everyone including celebrities has hopped on

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Why quails are your best bet for the novice farmer

Tiny but resourceful, quails are great at reaping profits for farmers from multiple avenues. So, in this article, we will be addressing these avenues and how they help you rake in the cash and the things to take into consideration for raising quails, like breeding

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Why ducks are better than chickens

This is for the farm folks who are deciding between ducks or chickens for their farm. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider replacing raising chickens with ducks. 1. Ducks are almost always healthier Compared to chickens, ducks enjoy the water more and can

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How To Help Heal Your Chicken’s Foot Injuries

If you’re new to raising chicken, a foot injury might seem like nothing to you. After all, chicken feet seem pretty hardy, right? Well, that’s exactly the wrong idea to have. Chicken feet injuries are actually a big deal and proper treatment is essential. Without

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A Basic Guide To Raising Ducks

As a beginner, ducks can be pretty challenging to care for. They are similar to chickens but are not the same and this leaves many at a loss. This guide provides a guide to how a beginner can take care of and raise their ducks.

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Why is the Production of Eggs Falling?

The practice of raising your own chickens is becoming increasingly popular all around the world. While it is a good way to ensure self-sustainability, egg production has seen a decrease in the past couple of years.  In most cases, you should expect to see your

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