Best Rolling Greenhouse Benches for the Money

Are you thinking of organizing your gardening space, or simply looking to brighten it up? Potting benches are a great way of doing both! This article offers you a recommended list of potting benches that can serve as decorative pieces to gardens and patios while keeping your plants and gardening tools in order. 

The All-Rounder

If you’re looking for a bench that is both practical and decorative, the Gronomics Potting Bench might be just for you. It comes attached with two raised beds at the side, with the capacity to hold as much as 5.7 cubic feet of soil. It also has a spacious work surface of more than seven square feet, and a shelf to store your tools below. Constructed from fine red cedar wood, the Gronomics potting bench is a rustic piece of furniture that will add charm to your gardening space. In addition, it also comes with fabric liners for the beds. 

The bench offers you wide room to repot your plants, measuring 144” x 27.5” x 49”, and the beds measuring 24” x 48” each. 

Best of all, you won’t have to worry about the assembly being a hassle, as the Gronomics bench does not require any tools to be set up. Finally, it comes with a five-year warranty to ensure customers get their money’s worth of this product. 

The Best for Value

One of the most useful features of a potting bench would be a sink to fill with soil, water, or other materials that you need on hand as you go about gardening. The Convenience Concepts Deluxe Potting Bench has this, as well as a drawer, two open shelves for storage, and some hooks to hang your accessories. Measurements are 46” x 17.8” x 47.6”, and the sink can also double as a cooler if you’re having an outdoor barbeque. Just dump ice in it, and you have a place to keep all your drinks cold. 

This potting bench is an excellent option if you are looking for a practical and affordable tool while adding spice to your gardening space. 

The Best in Quirky Design

The Evergreen Big Red Wagon potting table is designed after the Radio Flyer wagon, adding a whimsical touch to your garden. The classic red bed sits on top of iron, providing sufficient space for you to work with. Below lies a shelf, which allows you to keep your pots and gardening tools. 

Since it has a generous amount of space, the potting table also works well as a buffet counter when you have outdoor gatherings with your loved ones. Measuring at 20″ x 6.8″ x 48.5″, this potting table is a great piece of decor for any space and is sure to catch the eye of guests to your home.

The Best for Storage

The Merry Garden Foldable potting bench is simple and practical. Its material is a kiln-dried wood, with a stained finish that allows it to blend in with any sort of background in your garden or patio. This bench comes with two organizing shelves to store your gardening materials, as well as a railing to hang up your tools. Furthermore, the wooden bench is light and portable for users to move it as they like. Additionally, the bench is foldable to be completely flat, making it suitable for use in smaller spaces such as a garage or patio. 

Altogether, the bench measures 24″ x 44″ x 60” – providing ample space for you to work with. If you’re planning to purchase this, assembly is pretty simple. Just be sure to have a Phillips screwdriver on hand, and you’re ready to put it to use.  

The Best for Tiny Spaces

Some gardening spaces can be limited in size, and if that’s the case for you, the Arboria VYTAL Folding potting bench would be a suitable option. Made from natural wood, this bench can be stained to any color you prefer. Furthermore, the bench comes with a counter made out of galvanized metal, so you can even turn it into a bar or set up a buffet when you have an event at your house. Do also note that the bench is foldable to be fully flat, with a shelf that has an adjustable height. 

Measuring only 32″ x 15″ x 34.25″, the Arboria VYTAL potting bench makes for a versatile addition to your green space. 

The Best in Aesthetic Charm

For the best addition of idyllic charm, the Bali Hai Wood potting bench is a functional, beautifully made bench. Made from Shorea wood with a teak finish, the bench is durable and water-resistant. The countertop is made of galvanized steel, giving a modern feel to it. 

Secondly, the bench comes with two drawers, a shelf above and two below, as well as hooks and a rack for hanging rags. With so many compartments, you will find this bench both useful and much worth purchasing. Do note that this bench is quite heavy, measuring at 44.25″ x 49.75″ x 22″. Fret not if you feel this might be a bulky piece of furniture, as it comes with wheels to make it easy to shift around your gardening space.  

The Best in Durability

The Dura-Trel 11203 Greenfield potting bench is made out of white, PVC vinyl. Due to its fine quality, the material is resistant to fading from sunlight, or having cracks and peels along its surface, ensuring durability. Secondly, cleaning and maintenance are easy – the work surface is removable for you to spray down with the garden hose, and wipe. 

Organizing your items is easy; place the heavy-duty items on the wide bottom shelf, and your plants and accessories on the narrower top shelf. Measurements are 48″ x 19.5″ x 49″, and the bench also comes with a 20-year warranty. 

This list of potting benches is compiled for anyone who wants to spice up their garden or greenhouse, or simply looking to keep their green spaces neat and tidy. Not all of them come with wheels, but you can always DIY and attach them to your favorite bench for convenience. If you see one that is perfect for your gardening needs, don’t hesitate to make your purchase before stock runs out!


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