Foolproof Guide To Successfully Clearing Your Space


How long has it been since you last decluttered your home? Whether you’re moving, renovating, or simply just in need to clear stuff in your house, decluttering is a huge job that requires a lot of effort. But don’t be intimidated — we’ve figured out the best way to efficiently get rid of clutter is to do it bit by bit, room by room. What happens when we don’t do so is we get distracted and end up not accomplishing anything. By sticking to one room before advancing to the next, you’re basically ensuring each task is checked off completely on your list. Plus, it’s a good way to empower and encourage yourself to continue.

In this article, we prove to you that anyone can declutter their home like a pro. You don’t need expensive tools or a reality show to intervene — all you need is proper task delegation and discipline. If you’re curious about how to do so, keep on reading!

The Magic Number Five

If you have a massive overhaul of things to let go of, a good way to create an organized system is to categorize them. For starters, here are the five main categories you need to organize your clutter: Things to dispose of, to donate, to repair, to recycle, and to store. For these, you can use bins, bags, or boxes as containers.

You can leave these containers in the center of each room while you declutter so they’re always in plain sight and accessible. This is the first task you should do before you begin in each room. With this in mind, we’ll start sharing how you can use these five bins in each room.


The first thing in the bathroom you would want to raid is the medicine cabinet. Dispose of expired medication, skincare, and makeup products. Store the essentials in an accessible place. Repeat the same with any cabinets, closets, shower, tub, and so on. If you have any toilet cleaning products stashed away under the sink, ensure that you’ve thrown away or recycled any empties and stored what you need.


Everyone knows that making your bed first thing in the morning helps to start the day on a productive note. However, you can always step it up a notch, especially if you have a pile of laundry or mess lying around. The bedroom is your sanctuary — where you go to rest after a long day. The last thing you would need is to come home to an unmade bed and clothes sprawled all over the floor.

So how should you get started here? If you have any bedside tables, ensure that they’re cleared of things that don’t belong there. That includes glasses of water or mugs of tea that you’ve brought in the night before! Dispose of anything else, like old letters, rubbish, pens that don’t work, and so on.

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Do the same with your wardrobe. This can be challenging, especially for any budding fashionista. A good tip is, to begin with, the type of clothing — shoes, jeans, skirts, dresses, tops, and the list goes on. Single out clothing you haven’t worn in a long time and put them in the donation bin, and dispose of clothes that are falling apart or damaged.

At this point, you might find yourself with a laundry pile of clothes that need washing, and clothes that aren’t stored where they’re supposed to be. So bring that laundry hamper to the washing machine and store your clothes accordingly.


The kitchen can be a huge effort to tackle, especially if you’re working with a small space. The kitchen is where the most activity takes place with preparing, cooking, and washing. Essentially, there is a lot that is going on there, which means you have tons of things to tackle. Remember to concentrate on one type of item at a time when you’re decluttering. Alternatively, sectioning out the kitchen into decluttering zones may help too.

Just like what you have been doing so far, take your time with assessing each item. You’ll be surprised to find how many expired items you might have to dispose of. Aside from that, if you find items that are excessive in amount and are donatable, don’t hesitate to do so!

Living Room

Many people find the living room the most frustrating to keep clean since it’s where most of the socializing take place at. Plus, most living rooms don’t have ample storage space too. In fact, you may have bookshelves, but that doesn’t conceal much. Hence, keeping this room looking spick and span can be a headache.

To remedy this, you can consider investing in storage meant for frequently used items like remote controls. Out of all the rooms, the living room is the space that needs more frequent decluttering. Donate old books, clear any papers, not in use, and assess which accessories to keep. When it comes to appliances, find out which wires belong to which device, and keep them organized in the storage. If you find some that don’t belong anywhere, chuck them in an electronic waste bin. The same goes for gadgets and chargers!

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Entrance Space

The entryway is your home’s first point of contact for your visitors, so it’s extremely essential to make a lasting impression. Functionality is key here, you don’t want an entrance with shoes blocking the way, umbrellas laying about, keys nowhere to be found, and so on. Organize your shoes and keep the pairs you use often accessible, and throw away old pairs. Install hooks or a catch-all disk to place your keys or sunnies so you get everything you need before you leave your home. Keep this space minimal so you can invite others in without a struggle.


Letting go of our things can be tough, but having a clear space can promote a clear mind. With lesser items, it’s easier to clean your home from time to time, and also minimize the chances of pest infestations. It may be tough, but it’s not impossible. We hope this article has provided you valuable tips to go about cleaning your home. Here’s to decluttered spaces!

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