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Known as annual flowers, they bloom throughout one growing season then wither off. They usually don’t look identical to their parent plant.

Truth be told, herbs are one of the most profitable harvests farmers can yield from their crops. But, the nurturing process can be challenging.

Creating your garden can be one of the most rewarding and beautiful things to accomplish in your life. You just need the right tips to get started!

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Blue Flowers That Will Beautify Any Garden

Introduction All flowers are beautiful. However, there’s just something about blue flowers that give gardens that ‘wow factor’. Pink, yellow, and red flowers are some of the most common colored flowers out there. However, blue flowers are rather elusive so it can be tricky finding

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Self-Sowing Flower Recommendations And Care Tips

Introduction If you’re into flowers and gardening, then you might have heard of self-sowing flowers. As their name suggests, self-sowing flowers seed themselves. Seeds will get dispersed by the wind and germinate in the soil, producing dense and beautiful flowers throughout your garden over the

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Step-by-step Guide to Growing Sunflowers

Imagine yourself immersed in a field of beautiful yellow sunflowers. Besides their sheer beauty, sunflowers have many practical uses. They can be used as amazing gifts: you can put them in flower bouquets, harvest their tasty sunflower seeds as part of your afternoon snack, and

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The Novice’s Guide to Farming Lavender

Have you ever dreamt of starting your very own modest farm — more specifically a lavender farm? Truth be told, herbs are one of the most profitable harvests farmers can yield from their crops. The planting and cutting of lavender typically begin in autumn, thereafter

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The Whys and Hows of Rose Pruning

Getting Started  The most commonly heard phrase regarding a rose is that “Every rose has its thorns” and despite roses being known to be a fussy bush-type plant that is difficult to grow, they are actually adequately easy to handle as long as you prune

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