Here’s Best Micro Grow LED and Box Setup


Contrary to popular belief, most marijuana farmers today don’t own huge expanses of land to grow and harvest the crop. Instead, close to all of them actually grow the crop in a small, limited area. In spite of the scarcity of space, what’s impressive is that the farmers still get sizable yields. How they do this is through a growing technique known as a micro grow setup. 

This isn’t just for the experts — all beginners can pick it up easily too with the right equipment and practices. Here’s all you need to make your very own micro grow setup and start reaping your own cannabis in no time. 

1. Space

With already limited space, it’s important to maximize every inch of it to make sure you get the satisfactory results. There’s a chance that the traditional method of using soil can work, but the risk of failure is much higher than that of using hydroponic methods. This refers to using a nutrient-rich water solution instead of soil, allowing farmers both amateur and professional to control levels of nutrients, acidity, and other factors that affect plant growth. 

It’s not too complicated to set up, either, with marijuana hydroponic growing becoming increasingly popular and accessible across the country. The easiest way is simply to purchase a VIVOSUN grow tent. This is just one of many brands out there, but it’s highly recommended because of how environmentally friendly it is. On top of that, it is very sturdy, waterproof, and light-proof so you can really control all the elements to a tee. 

In addition, there are shelves and different compartments you can utilize within the growth tent, so you can adjust for each stage of planting. Whether it’s propagation, vegetation, or flowering stages, you can fit it all in one tent with no issue. The tear-proof canvas is also double-stitched and great for blocking light, reflecting a whopping 98% of light inside back to the plants. 

2. Light 

Speaking of light, this is another essential element you will need to successfully grow and harvest crops. The good news is that in a micro grow setup, you can easily boost the lights using LED grow lights in the tent to mimic and even exceed the effect of that of natural sunlight. 

For this, you can check out many options on Amazon, but one of the better models is from BESTVA, an experienced and reliable manufacturer for many years. The LED light they provide has proven to be of consistently good quality and works in producing crop yield, all at no noise at all. Beginners can play it safe by getting any LED model from the 2000W series, which comes with the LED grow light, a power cord, and a detailed user manual. You’ll also have additional equipment like rope and hanging kits to hang the light, as well as grow room glasses to shield your eyes from the intense light. 

Depending on the size of your grow room, you may need anywhere from one to three lights. A good gauge is to have one light to four square feet of growing area for the optimal coverage. 

3. Medium and soil 

As mentioned previously, more and more farmers are turning to hydroponic systems to grow crops. It brings about many benefits, including higher speed of growth, less risk of infections, and more yield over time. You would expect such a great system to be pricey — but it’s not! 

In fact, hydroponic buckets like PowerGrow Systems DWC are rather affordable. They’re also easy to use and set up, even for first-timers. The best part is that it comes with everything you might need, so there’s no need to fret over buying and assembling every small part. For instance, the PowerGrow Systems DWC comes with a 5-gallon bucket for the nutrient-rich solution, a growing medium, an air pump, starter plugs, air stones, and net pot bucket lead. It even comes with a warranty and a set of complete instructions, so you know you’re in safe hands. 

Of course, if you prefer to go for the traditional route of growing marijuana plants through the soil in the ground, you can also do so. For the best results, always go for potting soil over regular ground soil for benefits like microbes and added organic matter to spur growth in the plants. That said, be sure to go for reputable brands of potting soil to ensure that you’re not getting fake fillers, chemicals, or topsoil. Put quality soil in your micro box gardens and you can expect strong plants to emerge. As for quantity, a good range is to have two to three cubic feet of soil for every 3-gallon bucket.

4. Environment control equipment 

Now that you have the basics, you’ll need some additional equipment for your micro grow tent in order to control the conditions. First on your list, especially if you live in shared spaces, is an odor control filter. Marijuana has a strong odor, so use filters like the VIVOSUN 4-inch filter to help eliminate the odor, along with any other chemicals. 

Temperature and humidity are also important factors, so you’ll need a temperature-humidity controller to help. The controller will help circulate cool and fresh air in your micro tent so hot air and moisture doesn’t build up and ruin your crops. A pro tip is to choose a quiet one with backup memory capabilities so you don’t have to keep manually customizing it over and over again as the timer resets. 

Just like people, plants also need the right nutrients to grow healthily, so get good quality additives to help your plants grow. It works like magic, helping your plants to grow, and even reviving dying ones. Choose solutions with enzymes for plant growth, such as carbs, amino acids, and important minerals. 

Lastly, we all know that plants need sufficient carbon dioxide to grow, so it’s important to regulate and monitor carbon dioxide levels in your grow tent. Plants actually require about five times more carbon dioxide than what’s in regular air — so get equipment like the VIVSUN CO2 regulator to make sure there’s enough inside the grow tent and help to speed up the growth of plants. 


To conclude, a micro grow set up is a piece of cake if you’ve got the right equipment. When in doubt, you can always refer back to this article or even consult your local community. All in all, invest early and keep learning — and you’ll be surprised at just how quickly and healthily your weed will grow. 


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