How to Use the Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit

Interested in understanding how to use the Advanced Nutrients starter kit? This is the article for you! Before you jump into this article, be sure you already know the basics of hydroponics gardening. Without this knowledge, you would be very lost. Make sure that you also have your growing room ready and your water set up as well. If you have all these ready, let’s dive into how to use the kit. 

Before we begin, however, we should understand why Advanced Nutrients is beneficial for people of all gardening backgrounds. This is especially so if you are a beginner! Advanced Nutrients products have been designed in a manner that is sure to allow your plants to grow very well. They have done the necessary research to help make the process of providing nutrients to your plants easier on your end as well. For example, they have pH Perfect Technology that instantly balances the pH levels of your solution. This takes away the stress of worrying if you are overfeeding or underfeeding your plants. 

When it comes to deciding what product would work best with your plants, you have to understand the environment and conditions that your plant is going to grow in. Now, remember we said that Advanced Nutrients is very beginner-friendly? Here is another example. Regardless of the set-up that you have your plants growing in, Advanced Nutrients based nutrients have been formulated in a way that is able to work with the varying chemicals and settings that your plant may be in. Allow us to give you an example:

Imagine you are growing some coco coir. It is understood that coco coir engages with and binds to elements such as calcium and magnesium naturally. As a result, there would be a much higher percentage of calcium and magnesium compared to the average nutrients that are bounded to the growing medium which would not be taken in by your plants. This could eventually end up with your plants being starved to death! 

When picking out your nutrients you must be aware of what is already present because of the crops. You would not want to accidentally end up with perhaps say, too much potassium flowing into your plant which might lead to potassium toxicity, right?

Recommended Products

For beginners, the product that we recommend would be pH Sensi Grow A&B as well as pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B. These two products have been very well praised by many professionals and they make use of their pH Perfect Technology as well. That means that this solution makes life easier for you as you would not need to fuss too much about your solution’s pH levels. Save your money as there would be no need to buy pH ups and downs. 


Other than the pH Sensi Grow A&B and pH Perfect Sensi Bloom A&B, you must also provide your plants with supplements. Supplements are very useful to your base nutrients and with their inclusion, they will provide your plants with more nutrients. This then gives your plants the chance to grow to its highest potential. Here are some supplements you could choose from:

Big Bud

This is said to help you make more and bigger flowers with a strong aroma. With all these, the market value of your plants will increase, which would be very beneficial to you if you are planning on selling your plants. This liquid formula is also very easy to mix and can be taken in by the roots of the plant without much difficulty. It consists of L-amino acids and other ingredients that enable your plants to look much richer and appealing. 

Voodoo Juice

This helps to take care of the roots of your plants. This is because you need healthy roots in order to have healthy crops overall. The Voodoo Juice has a formula that helps to enhance your roots in terms of how extensively it branches out, the root density, and their mass. It also helps your roots to take in more nutrients efficiently. Additionally, it helps to support your roots when it is weak as it is just a seedling or is fragile from transplantation.  Other than the roots, the formula helps to make sure that you get the most out of the plant’s growth and flowering. 


This is great for when you wish to get a bigger harvest! This can be used at any point of your plant’s life cycle. So for example, if you suddenly notice that your harvest is suddenly decreasing you can add Overdrive into your solution to fix this problem. In addition to a bigger harvest, the production of flowers will also be better with this formula. If you notice that naturally, your crops are not blooming the way you wish it would, adding this formula reinvigorates flowering. It creates a renewed burst of resins and scents to name a few of the desirable outcomes you wish to see. Some would call this a miracle formula!


The presence of vitamin B in the nutrients that your plant takes in would help to enhance the strength of your plants. Vitamin B5 is also necessary for basic cellular processes. This solution also can Thiamine which enables your plant to not only use but create carbohydrates so that it will have enough energy to develop strong vegetative growth and essential oil. Thiamine also helps in the development of the root, allowing it to be able to take in more nutrients at a fast rate while strengthening it to be able to withstand shock and not be too weak during transplantation processes. 

With all this information provided, we hope that it has helped you understand how to use the Advanced Nutrients’ Starter Kit. I hope the additional information on other supplements were helpful and that you will be able to see for yourself the benefits of adding them. It is also good to note, that if you are still contemplating, we say, don’t hold back as there is a Grower Guarantee scheme that they provide. Get a refund if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your plants AFTER using their products!


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