Our Seedo Review – Is it the Best Automated Indoor Hydroponic Growing Machine?


If you have always wanted to produce fresh ingredients to spice up your recipes but don’t have the time or experience to research about hydroponics or other gardening methods, grow boxes should be the first thing that pops into your mind.

Grow boxes are essentially automatic hydroponic growing machines. These seemingly magical devices let you grow almost any type of plant right in the comfort of your own home. They are compact, efficient, and most importantly, they make successful cultivating effortless for anyone. Talk about modern farming. 

For such incredible innovation, the market for grow boxes is sure to be competitive. Thus, we have consolidated some information on two of the leading brands in the market; Seedo and Grobo. 

First, we will provide you with a rundown of some of the features of grow boxes and services offered by Seedo. Then, we will do the same with the Grobo grow boxes before finally concluding. 

Seedo grow boxes

Seedo’s grow boxes come with the technology to allow easy control simply by installing and connecting the device to an application. They pride themselves on their high-tech system for computerized hydroponic growing, making gardening easy regardless of prior background. 

Seedo adjusts the environment to specifically fit your plants’ needs, promising healthy plants and great yields. It’s patent-pending lighting technology automatically changes the frequency of light to match the development stage of your plants. It features a full-spectrum LED that keeps your plants illuminated at a perfect distance, with the ideal intensity at all times. Not to mention the high efficiency and low cost of these LEDs. 

Another key feature is its airtight system that has inbuild carbon dioxide capsules and airconditioning, making it completely odorless. Furthermore, with the airconditioning technology offered by Seedo, you can adjust the temperature and humidity with the click of a button. It also prevents the infestation of insects, eliminating the need for pesticides with its aseptic and airtight environment.

You can either sow seed or clone plants depending on what is available to you. Thereafter, all you need to do is sit back and monitor your plant’s progress on the app for a couple of weeks, and voila, you got yourself some fresh vegetables or herbs ready to go! 

Seedo performs all its agriculture wonders within a compact frame, its dimensions measuring at 24 by 24 by 40 inches. The whole package weighs in at about 140 pounds while its consumption and power supply are 240W and 1.83V/Hz or 4.4V/Hz respectively. The total reservoir volume — comprising of the lower vessel, upper tank, and the slab — amounts to about four gallons. 

As mentioned earlier, Seedo features built-in capsules that provide carbon dioxide to your plant for photosynthesis. This is part of the mineral system that senses pH levels and uses electricity to mechanize the dissemination of nutrients. This optimal usage of minerals manifests in the fact that growers only need two bottles of nutrients for their plants. Seedo also features a built-in camera that streams high-quality live footage of your plant on your Seedo app. This makes monitoring the development of your crop easier. 

Speaking of the Seedo app, it taps into your Wi-Fi network to provide you with user-friendly controls and monitoring of the growing process. Should anything go wrong, growers will be notified via their app so they can troubleshoot at the earliest time possible. There are also growth plans within the app that gives users access to the formula for a specific type of plant that has been shown to work. If you’re proud of your yield and want to share it among acquaintances, you can do so directly on the app through pictures and videos. Users also have the choice to lock or unlock the grow boxes on the app for extra security. 

Generally, growers can plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers in their Seedo grow box. Some vegetables that can be grown are celery, chili pepper, and lettuce. Fresh herbs such as cilantro, basil, and parsley are also possible with this home growing device. Bulb flowers, breeding flowers, and growing seasonal flowers are also within the means of the Seedo home grow box. One unique feature is the Tissue Culture, where growers can get distinctive crops by inducing the genes of flowers or fruits into their plants. Finally, Seedo makes the cloning process smooth. This means that users can easily cut a part of their desired plant to produce more of it for no cost at all, even if the cuttings are semi-ripe. 

Grobo grow boxes

Not wanting to lose out, the Grobo systems also come equipped with an app that connects to your network. Other than helping to monitor the progress of your crops, Grobo also automates the tracking process by reporting the pH, water, and nutrients levels in the system. Users can then view the needs of their plants from the Grobo app and act accordingly. Grobo promises to be your planting buddy, going through each step of the agriculture process with you even if you’re new to farming. Similar to their step-by-step system guide, Grobo’s customer service will cater to all your Grobo needs and queries. 

On top of the patent-pending fluid glass system that makes monitoring your plants’ growth simple, the app also has a locking mechanism for your Grobo grow box. Just like Seedo, the Grobo boxes also prevent bug infestations which in turn maintains the prime conditions for your plants. Grobo also features its LED grow lights that are efficient, only using minimal energy. 

Grobo is a North American brand that promises quality goods at a minimal cost. One feature that makes Grobo stand out over other brands is its mass shipping. In other words, customers of Grobo are able to enjoy their products while competitors like Seedo have yet to begin shipping. Thus, if you want to start your automatic home growing system as soon as possible, Grobo will be the first to reach your doorstep.  


Each brand has its own competitive advantage and something unique that they can bring to the market. Depending on your priorities and needs, you can make the right choice of grow box for your space. If you’re completely new to gardening, grow boxes are an investment worth considering. That way, even without much knowledge on agriculture or hydroponics, you can still have fresh, delicious crops and eye-catching flowers right at your home. 


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