Pros of Renewable Energy


Although the topic of “renewable energy” has been increasingly talked about more recently than ever, it is not a new trend that people are only starting to catch. Renewable energy is, in fact, a type of energy that has been integrated successfully over the past few years, making leaps and bounds in technology and innovation sectors, and has proven to drastically improve the efficiency of energy. Plus, it is constantly evolving with technological advancements so it is definitely not a flash in the pan and will be a hot topic for years to come. 

The common assumption of renewable energy is too expensive to sustain long-term is false. In actuality, it becomes less costly over a period of time. Coupled with the environment benefiting from it, here are a few more pros to why renewable energy should be the go-to energy source today.

Reduction of impact on global warming 

The most important advantage of renewable energy is the lower impact it will have on global warming. With the majority of the world concerning themselves more with the state of the environment and the ever-present global warming problem the earth is facing, it has become a known fact that humans are the ones that are polluting and harming the earth. Humans have been using chemicals and carbon emissions such as carbon dioxide excessively, such that the ozone layer is heavily affected and constantly depleting. Our actions have also brought forth consequences in the increase of man-made natural disasters, such as droughts, extinction and even tsunamis.  

By making the switch to incorporate renewable energy, the consequences stated above can be prevented and less carbon footprint will be contributed and recorded by us in the long-term. Due to renewable energy coming from green sources, the global warming situation may even improve as we will no longer be contributing heavily to it and the environment would be a cleaner place for us to live in.

Reduction of expenditure

As stated in the beginning, the conception of renewable energy costing more and non-renewable resources such as coal and fuel costing less is misled. In actual fact, the cost of renewable energy is cheaper as we are only paying for the installation of it in the beginning. Subsequently, this will help in reducing and eliminating the costs of having to refill and maintain the traditional energy source. Therefore, rather than constantly paying for energy that has to be refilled, renewable energy provides a cost-saving solution. We are essentially investing a little sum of money for a better future with lesser repercussions. Additionally, it is important to note that some governments also offer attractive incentives for choosing environmentally-friendly energy alternatives.

Reduction of relying on foreign energy sources

For now, since we obtain most of our main source of energy from fossil fuels, the constant reliance on importing foreign sources for our energy should be considered unreliable. Firstly, we do not know when the supply will increase or decrease without warning. Secondly, the prices will be affected accordingly. Since renewable energy is free, to begin with and with the additional advantage of it being able to be produced in local markets, a great amount of money will be saved as compared to importing foreign energy sources. This will not only eliminate many insecurities about foreignly imported sources, but it will also help aid in protecting the environment too. 

Addition of health benefits

Air pollution is one of the contributing factors to many major illnesses, and it can even lead to extreme health deterioration. By converting to renewable energy, the diminished use of coal and fuels which often leads to breathing issues will reduce the amount of pollution in the atmosphere. What people often forget is that coal and fuel can cause long-term conditions like heart diseases, cancer and more fatal conditions. Therefore, by not using energy sources that harm the air we breathe in daily, we are also protecting our health and bodies. 

Addition of Jobs 

With the increasing surge of renewable energy being recognized in the markets, it is creating a bigger opportunity for more job positions and openings. This is due to the additional requirement of workers needing to be trained professionally as the technology and skill of a successful system design demands for job opportunities in the development, installation and production sectors. This ever-growing industry regarding renewable energy is forecasted to provide about 24 million people with employment opportunities. They will mostly come from the solar and wind industries, with other labor workers being pulled from manufacturing, construction and many other industries. 

Addition of an endless source of energy

One of the main incentives of renewable energy is in its name – it will never run out. Sources such as gas, coal and oil are increasingly harder to obtain and get access to. Thus, natural elements such as the sun, wind and even water, give us an optimum solution in the form of an infinite supply of energy. Especially among developing nations where they are unable to receive and attain traditional fossil fuels easily, renewable energy can be their shining beacon of hope as it is available all around, easily accessible and best of all, not too costly. 


Whether it is recycling outdated electronic devices such as smartphones, iPads and game consoles by profiting from or donating them; or by installing energy-saving home appliances, or deciding to switch to integrating renewable energy into our homes and businesses, every little thought and action goes a long way. The more that people are aware of the benefits of renewable energy, the closer we are to saving the environment. 

When we talk about climate change and global warming, the most associated thought is how to provide sustainable solutions such that the world can be kept as it is without harming or overworking it further. It is never too late to start playing a part in switching to renewable energy or even just researching renewable energy alternatives in your area. We all have a part to play in saving the earth and reducing our carbon footprint, so definitely take all these points into consideration today!


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