Why quails are your best bet for the novice farmer

Tiny but resourceful, quails are great at reaping profits for farmers from multiple avenues. So, in this article, we will be addressing these avenues and how they help you rake in the cash and the things to take into consideration for raising quails, like breeding of quails and their startup costs.

1. Quail Eggs for Gourmet Dishes

One thing you may not know is that quail eggs can be considered a delicacy with its applicability to gourmet dishes. More and more people are transitioning from using the standard chicken egg to quail eggs for its variety and flavor-rich eggs. Quail eggs not only appeal to the general public but also chefs from high-end restaurants that utilize these quail eggs in their gourmet dishes. You can profit off of them easily as they can be sold from $3 to $5 for a dozen eggs and quails can easily lay up to one egg a day.

2. Quail Meat

Not only are quails valuable for their eggs, their meat is also sought after. Comparing it to chicken meat, their flavors are similar with quail meat having a slightly stronger flavor. Fret not, as quail meats do not usually taste gamey unless they are obtained wild and even if they are, the gamey taste is not as intense one would think it to be. If you frequent markets and stores, you would realize that quail meat is not as readily available which makes it even more profitable. It can easily sell from $2 an ounce to $7 an ounce dressed. On the surface, it may not sound like a lot, but you are thinking of it as a singular bird. Remember, quails can easily lay up to one egg a day, meaning they can reproduce quickly. Furthermore, they do require extra effort to care and they grow fast.

3. Hatching eggs and chicks

Quails are not only desired for their eggs and meat, but they also appeal to other potential quail farmers and quail enthusiasts. So, there are three general ways that you can go about profiting from the hatching of quail eggs and chicks. The first being, hatching their eggs which can sell for $25 and above for around 50 eggs. The second is selling the newly hatched chicks which can go for $2 and higher for one chick. Lastly, is a breeding covey, where you can either breed a pair of quails or coveys. This can garner higher prices because they are more established than chicks and farmers can have their own units of production. All of these can be done through online e-commerce platforms or your own store. And remember, rarer breeds can fetch even higher prices than the above stated.

4. Feathers

While quails may look commonplace, their feathers are also in demand from people like crafters and fishermen. Quail feathers are considered premium feathers to fly fishermen and 50 of these feathers can sell for around $7. The selling of these also requires no additional effort, you can simply sell it through online platforms like Etsy.

5. As Prey to Falconers

Targetting another interest group are falconers. They are the people who raise falcons as hobbies or have rescued this animal from devastation. Quails are desirable to falconers because falcons are predators and their diet consists of natural prey animals. Falconers may be a niche market to delve into, but you can be assured that they are a group with strong demand because they would like to ensure that their falcons have balanced diets that meet the falcon’s nutritional and behavioral needs.

6. Dog Training

Similarly to falcons, dogs are often used to hunt and quails are the go-to birds for training these young puppies on how to hunt. So, owners of these dogs would produce a strong demand as well in order to give their hounds the required real-life experience of retrieving, pointing, and more.

By now, we are sure that you can see the number of different profit avenues that quails can bring to you and you do not have to spend any excessive efforts on raising quails. If you are interested in raising quails, it begets the question: which breed of quail should one start with? Quails have a bountiful of breeds to choose from and the decision often depends on the kind of market that you are entering. As mentioned above, there are many possible avenues with a wide array of market preferences. If you are looking at targeting fanciers who enjoy breeding and showing, rare varieties are a good option due to their visual appeal. If you are intending to target the food market, it would be good to consider the faster-growing birds like the Coturnix Quail. Not only are they the easiest to care for, but you are also able to touch upon most of the revenue avenues from this single bird.

Now, does that sound too good to be true? How can the quail be so easy to raise and sought after at the same time? Some of you might be thinking, is the catch in the start-up costs? Well, good news, it is not. It is as straightforward as day that quails really are high-profit birds with low start-up costs. Compared to other kinds of farm animals, the quails require a lot less effort and money. The cages that contain quails can simply be made with farm objects that are already owned and if you are feeling rich, you can even buy them from specialty retailers. Some of the things you will need are feeders, waterers, fonts, shelters and the basic stuff that you would have already owned if you have other farm animals. Furthermore, quails are also tiny and they occupy a relatively small space and they can be fed anything because they are not gourmets and will eat anything you provide.

Hence, quails are perfect for those who are looking to start into the animal farming industry but only have minimal space to start off the bat. All you need with quails are a decent marketing plan and the right market to set off.


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